2024 Tournament Rules! ***PLEASE READ***

Tournaments are open to everyone (except for the championship)

 Tournament hours are safe light until 2pm. 

$60 per boat (1 or 2) anglers 

100% payback $50 of each entry paid back the day of that tournament and $10 goes toward the year end championship tournament  payout. 

Payback will be one place for every 5 boats. 

You may fish alone or as a team ( 2 people). 

All boats participating in the tournament must have their trolling motor tagged by the tournament director or volunteer with bright survey tape before launching, at this point your livewell may also be checked. 

All boaters must provide their boat's trailer license plate number to the director at registration. Please have this info. prior to registering. 

5 fish limit ***NO SIZE LIMIT***

Dead wish will be weighed and there will be a quarter lbs penalty assessed on final weight. (Anglers cannot cull dead fish) 

No live bait.

Largemouth smallmouth and spotted bass. 

A live well treatment product must be used as part of normal fish care. 

***Any boat returning late to weigh in will be disqualified.***

No fishing within 25 yards of another competitors direction of travel

No fishing in any area marked off limits by USACOE or WVDNR. 

All boats must have a factory installed live well. 


Engine hp can not exceed coast guard maximum hp rating. 

No jet drive boats. 

Life jackets and a working kill switch must be used when the big motor is running. 

Competitors must remain in the boat at all times during the tournament. 

We will do a shotgun start if it is safe to do so. If there are too many boats to do a shotgun start then boat numbers will be drawn. The boat who draws the highest number will call boat numbers to get the tournament started. 

Any complaint must be filed at weigh in and tournament directors' decisions are final. 

Kanawha River Bass Tournaments will not be responsible for any accident, injury or damage to any competitor or equipment. 

Derogatory behavior will not be tolerated and Kanawha River Bass Tournaments reserves the right to deny any person/team from competing in any or all tournaments. 

To qualify for the championship tournament each competitor must fish 6 regular season tournaments or prepay for at least 2 and fish 4. Qualifying is on an individual basis. For a team to qualify both members must fish 6 tournaments. The championship tournament will have no entry fee. 

***You may now pay upfront for 2 tournaments if you feel you and your partner cannot make 6 events. You must fish 4 tournaments or someone from your team must show up and pay at the ramp to qualify for that day's tournament. All tournament entries that are prepaid will go into the championship pot. The entry will be the same if you prepay, $120 for 2 or $60 for 1. Again, qualifying is on an individual basis so make sure to let me know if you're paying for your partner as well.***